Design & Fabrication Scope

Design & Fabrication Scope of Service Overview

The following sign details will need to be reviewed by Wood & Wood prior to developing a Wood & Wood Design & Fabrication Scope of Service. This checklist can be discussed via phone, fax and email.

  1. Size & town sign regulations
  2. Quantity
  3. One-sided or two sided
  4. Type: Freestanding, hanging sign, roof mounted or wall mounted
  5. Architectural style of building
  6. Color – Clients or WW choose paint from Benjamin Moore, Pittsburgh Paints or Sherwin Williams. If you want us to do a paint match to a PMS color there will be an $80 charge
  7. Material – wood, stone, glass, sign foam, MDO (marine plywood), MDF (interior wood composite), metal, vinyl
  8. Logo, if provided, artwork should be emailed in Adobe Illustrator 8.0 or lower in a vector format with fonts changed to outlines
  1. Copy and application option – painted, vinyl, cut-out letters, carved (incised)
  2. Client research of art elements and fonts – likes & dislikes
  3. Digital photos of sign location – viewed from car & sidewalk – front, side, and other retail signs close to your location
  4. Exposure – North, South, East or West
  5. Lighting requirements – attached to sign, ground lighting, with bulb preferences or internally lit
  6. Elevation drawings, site plans & floor plans (if applicable)
  7. Budget
  8. Timing Needs

If an onsite Wood & Wood Design Consultation is requested, Sparky Potter, the owner and lead designer’s fee is $100 per hour plus travel time and expenses. Please be advised that the in house design rate for Sparky Potter is $100.00 per hour and $65.00 per hour for other staff designers.

Sparky Potter’s onsite design consultation begins with rough sketches and digital photos. Quick sketching allows the gut feelings and ideas from Sparky and your team members to evolve quickly into tangible concepts. These rough sketches can be immediately be used by the client.

A comprehensive Wood & Wood Design & Fabrication Scope of Service is also included in the design consultation which can provide the client with an overall review of existing signs and new signs required, followed by the number of hours of design needed per sign category with high and low ranges of fabrication pricing.

If the Wood & Wood Design & Fabrication Scope is approved, the next design step involves having Sparky and staff refine the concepts, enter into computer-generated drawings and color compositions for your review and approval.

Once your team approves concepts, Wood & Wood will provide formal drawings. Often to prove the design concepts will work, the client is provided full size paper layouts and physical prototypes. Sparky considers this essential to the success of designs, and believes the effectiveness of a design can often be verified through full sizes and prototypes.

Upon client approval, final drawings are issued to the client. At this time, Wood & Wood can provide firm fabrication prices. Delivery and installation can also be added to the final bid if requested.

Wood & Wood looks forward to assisting you with design and fabrication of your sign(s) or custom millwork needs.