Wall Mounted

wall mounted Signs

Wall Mounted Signs

Wood & Wood’s custom wall mounted signs are often referred to as fascia signs, which are placed on a building’s fascia boards or horizontal band between the storefront and the second floor, primarily above the entrance door. A group of two vertically wall mounted signs are also very effective on the corners of the building. A classic storefront works best when a wall mounted sign is combined with a projecting sign so the business can be viewed from every approach. These two sign styles are often incorporated in Sparky Potter’s distinctive storefront designs.

Projecting Signs

This style of hanging sign projects from a building wall. Historically called at blade sign, this type of hanging sign has been particularly effective for displaying a three-dimensional object of a product or service that a business sells. In heavy pedestrian traffic areas, this type of hanging sign offers maximum exposure for a first or second floor business and an opportunity incorporate an artistically rendered design.  The perpendicular blade sign can also be very effective on the corner of a building.

Traditionally a wrought iron or wood sign armature is designed to extend and support the full length of the sign. Usually the lowest point of a projecting sign will not hang lower than 7’ 6” above the sidewalk. When illuminating this hanging sign, Wood & Wood typically threads wiring through a custom fabricated sign armature and offers the client a set of gooseneck lights that will compliment the existing architecture.

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